Grand Opening:

Grand Opening!

The Server is currently running on BETA mode! So you can download our client login and test around our features!

It is a great chance to organize your Clans/Parties according our server type and rates!

The Grand Opening Date is: 15 Jenuary 2021 at 21:00 GMT+2!

We have updated our countdown in order to avoid any misunderstandings!

Keep in mind that our Client is 5GB and it is mandatory to download it as it is! So feel free to download it and have it prepared for the Grand Opening!
21 Sep 2020

Welcome to L2Elmore!

Welcome to L2Elmore! Interlude x50 Server around the globe with Real PTS Files!

Our server is custom made in order to serve you the best l2 experience of all times! We are using real PTS Files with Grand Crusaders client, whole classic client has been transformed into interlude with some extra new features from Classic like Clan Entry/Mail System/Auction House! You can enjoy interlude gameplay with all new benefits which are coming along with the newer client such us Low FPS, Greater Graphics and more updated skill effects! And those are only the half of the new benefits!

By using PTS Server Core we are sure about the server stability/no bugs or any other l2j-like disaster!

Feel free to join into our discord server in order to stay updated with all latest news & informations!
03 Sep 2020
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By testtest29/10/2020 15:52